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Turning up the heat in Sao Paulo

Bruce Crawley, Global Motorsport Technology Manager, ExxonMobil Lubricants and Specialties

The 2012 Grand Prix season is racing towards a close – with just the Brazilian Grand Prix to go until the teams head home for winter, there’s still time for things to heat up on the track and the pressure is on to make the last race count.

At the Autódromo José Carlos Pace in Brazil, this combination of heat - the average track temperatures will be around 28˚C – and pressure is reflected by what’s going on inside the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-27. Here, the braking process generates temperatures and forces that demand tough lubricants from Mobil 1 to make sure that components stay cool and functional during the race.

Conditions on the racetrack are some of the most extreme on earth – and even beyond it. When a Grand Prix driver approaches a turn and applies the brakes, the process generates forces up to five times greater than gravity. That’s more than an astronaut feels when rocketing into space. At the same time, the grease in the car’s wheel bearings is under an incredible 15,000 times more pressure than in the vehicle’s tyres.

Commercially available Mobilith SHC 220 grease protects the bearings from this demanding pressure, and also from the extreme heat. Temperatures generated by the adjacent brake rotors can peak at more than 850ºC. But a protective layer of Mobilith SHC 220 less than one micron thick is all that’s needed to keep components cool and reduce friction and wear.

Competitors also get to share their moment as a virtual Formula 1 driver with their friends

One can participate in the competition by creating a personalized version of the campaign video where the competitors get to virtually experience a moment as a test driver of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team. The participants will also be required to answer one motorsport related question.

The competition can be entered through the Mobil 1 website where competitors are asked to choose a social network, Facebook or Twitter, to participate and to create a video. The participants’ profile picture is added to the video clip that can also be shared in social media.

The competition starts on April 25th and ends on September 15th. The competition website also includes motorsport-themed insider knowledge provided by Mobil 1.

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