Mobil 1


The development of the new car for 2013

After a summer of competitions and good results, we are now ready to embark on another year of challenges and great fun at the FSAE!

Revolve NTNU now consists of 46 members from all grade levels and 10 different backgrounds of Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Approximately 20% of the members in Team 2013 were involved in last year's team, so we've got a good mix of members with experience, whilst still getting new ideas and knowledge from the new members. With this year's car we showed that we can build a car that can compete at the top, and both judges and other teams said that they are looking forward to seeing what we will do for next year. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of a podium finish in Formula Student UK 2013!

Team 2013 will build and develop a brand new car, and this year we will have a strong emphasis on technology development and weight reduction. Among other things, we will focus on the electrical system, and we will develop our own shifting system with automatic clutch and launch control. In addition, we will concentrate more on aerodynamics and down force, so next year’s car will feature front and rear wings!

Follow the development of the new car on our Facebook and webpage!

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