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Cold and non-lubricated motor is a real gas glutton

Winter driving can be safe when the car is properly maintained from summer to winter. ExxonMobil and Nokian Tyres professionals Krister Kronqvist and Matti Morri who have made a long career among motoring go through the most common beliefs related to winter driving.

  • In winter, when more oil is consumed, the oil should be checked regularly
  • One cold start equates to driving for hundreds of kilometers
  • Summer tires cannot be used when the weather temperature is close to 0 degrees

Myth 1: One oil check before the winter is enough

According to ExxonMobil’s survey, only 8,5 % of Finnish drivers check their car’s oil every two weeks or more.

  • In the winter, more oil is always consumed, so it is important that during this time, motor oil checks occur at least once a month and that top ups happen when needed. Many car manufacturers recommend oil checks on even a weekly basis, says ExxonMobil Finland’s technical advisor Krister Kronqvist.

When the amount of motor oil is decreasing, the remaining oil faces more pressure and gets dirtier and runs out faster. It is important to top it up in order to maintain the car’s good performance rate.

  • Using synthetic motor oil can double the oil change intervals. However, it is important to take the car manufacturer’s recommendations into account as well, says Kronqvist.

Myth 2: Cold start-ups do not significantly increase fuel consumption

  • At its best, a pre-heated car consumes only half of the fuel compared to a cold started car within the first five kilometers. One cold start in frosty weather is equal to tens or even hundreds of kilometers and is not therefore economical or environmentally friendly, says Kronqvist.

In frosty weather it is important to take care that there is a heating pole and inside heater for the car. It is recommendable to choose synthetic motor oils because they run in the motor despite the frost, keep the engine clean and protect it from erosion.

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